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Blockchain RFP is a blockchain system for Public and Private sector Request for Proposals. The system provides transparency and integrity throughout the whole process, guaranteeing inviolability of the information.

Current bid processes

Globally, Governments are implementing improvements and incorporating new technologies to the RFP processes. Despite this, in many countries the process remains highly inefficient. This creates additional costs to the governments, reduces the levels of interest to participate and limits citizens access to information.

The current process -closed, archaic and centralized- uses hardcopies of the documentation, creating a lack of transparency that can lead to:

  • Misuse of public funds

  • Anticompetitive practices

  • Corruption: the estimated cost of corruption is 3% of the Latin-Americans GDP

Common flaws of the current process:

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Blockchain RFP standard process for RFPs


Further advantages of our system

Using Blockchain RFP means implementing the newest technology in the market.

Possibility to customize the implementation of the system to the users’ needs.

The use of Blockchain RFP will help governments in their crusade against corruption and the improvement of RFP processes.

Democratization of the information due to real time access to project details (deadlines, payments, bidders) by citizens.

Using Blockchain RFP benefits governments by enhancing their image in the eye of the bidding companies and the public. Fighting corruption and allowing citizens to control where the funds are invested. Creating a win-win scenario.